Heal the World!

Campaign Encounter with Block Chain

Go back to basics, present a new paradigm, change the
charity market and heal the planet's environment!

Smartree Publicity Video

Though our path may be rough and far, someone must go through it and though one’s power may be weak, if we altogether go through it, we can make it.

Smartree Publicity Video

Meaning of Smartree

A seed grows into a tree to bear fruits, and the fruits give seeds, which grow into trees. Like this, a seed becomes a tree and repeat to spread trees all over the world. Also, trees emit O2 and reduce CO2, being the most effective cure for global warming.

A tree has significant potential.

Smartree believes that our campaign “Heal the World” will spread all over the world like the trees. Through Smartree campaigns, people will be happier, and our planet Earth will be a better place to live.

Smartree will resolve various problems to ultimately heal our planet Earth.


Introducing Smartree

A decade since Bitcoin

Many developments have been made and new cryptocurrencies emerged.

However, many side effects followed as well.

Costly mining machines incurring excessive consumption of electricity and overheads, Global warming caused by pollution, monopolization of cryptocurrency by few minorities, hence creating globally negative perception.

If these problems cannot be solved now,
Cryptocurrency may disappear.

Back to the basics!


Let's go back to basics!

We need to go back to the basic spirit of Bitcoin and solve the problem of the last decade. And the cryptographic call has to be reborn.

Smartree mindset

There is no need for mining machines, hence free of pollution nor economic burden. There is no monopolization of coins, hence everyone in the world can have it.


Replacing mining machines with smartphones!
Replacing mining with “campaign”!
Fair distribution worldwide!
Applying in charity and donation system!
Let’s help people and heal our planet Earth!

World's First Campaign Authentication Method

Smartphone & Campaign Meetings and Treecoin

Join campaigns through smartphones and take photos or videos to upload it on SNS, then re-upload on smartreeworld.

Participants of campaigns will receive tree coin, Which can be utilized in many ways including charities.

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The first POC developed by Smartree

Proof of Campaign

It is easy, fun and touching, and dream and hope together!

Pre-distribution in 242 nations worldwide

Bitcoin’s initial mindset and system was excellent. However, the current reality of cryptocurrency is depressing.

Cryptocurrency should not be used to grow people’s wealth under the reason that they as individuals or company developed it.

However, cryptocurrency is possessed by a minority of people in reality. According to research studies, 0.000074% of investors hold over 40% of the entire cryptocurrencies.

In order to prevent such monopolization, Smartree will issue 70% of the total coins through POC method (Proof of Campaign) and 20% of them have been pre-distributed reasonably in 242 nations worldwide.

Smartree believes that the best cryptocurrency should be owned by most countries and most people.

Despite Bitcoin being outdated and lacking technology, bitcoin is the most expensive cryptocurrency because most people use them and it is most famous.

Treecoin will be used by most countries and most people, and through campaign, it will become the most well-known cryptocurrency.


Charity market and Block Chain

Blockchain-based cryptocurrencies cannot be used for all purposes.

Nevertheless, projects are launched indiscriminately.

In fact, most projects cannot be actualized realistically due to the difference in legal principles, regulations and policies between countries.

Hence, where would it be that blockchain and cryptocurrencies are immediately needed and be most helpful to mankind?

Smartree has found the answer in “charities and donation”.

Through blockchain, the charity market will be more transparent and active.


How does the Smartree work?

Corporate Donations and Ad Operations.

Smartree operates through donations and advertisements of companies.

Smartree also sustains Smartree ecosystem growth by aiming to eliminate the blind spots in donation system.

Companies can pick specific recipient to send their sum of donation and obtain advertising effect through it at the same time.

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Smartree Wallet

web wallet play

White Paper



Coin Symbol TREE
Project Protocol ERC20
Total Supply 100,000,000,000
ICO Volume 5,000,000,000
Hard Cap $ 50,000,000

The pre-sale is over.

Private Sale

Period 5 June ~ 30 June
Price 1 TREE coin = 0.01 $
Minimum 10 ETH
Bonus + 30 %

Pre Sale #1

Period 1 July ~ 31 October
Price 1 TREE coin = 0.011 $
Minimum 1 ETH
Bonus + 20 %

Pre Sale #2

Period 1 ~ 30 November
Price 1 TREE coin = 0.011 $
Minimum 1 ETH
Bonus + 10%

Meet The Core Team


Jeong Joon


JJ is an educator and businessman with 22 years of experience in South Korea and Asia. He trained many companies, including Samsung, and ran education projects in Italy. He became interested in blockchain industry and started mining and founded “SmartMining” in 2017. He also founded “SmartPresale”, which is a company that introduces good ICO projects to the market in South Korea and provide consulting services regarding funding.


Wouter van der Schagt


Wouter is the founder and managing director of Infralutions Limited, a blockchain solution provider, with 20 years of professional, development, architectural and entrepreneurial experience and strong background in IT. He is also a certified blockchain professional (EC-Council) and also certified in many IT (Zend PHP, MCITP, MCTS, CompTIA Linux+, NCLA and LPIC). He is the CEO and board member of UnitedBitcoin.


Cho Seok Joon


SeokJun Cho was the 9th head of the Korea Meteorological Administration with 20 years of working experience in KBS as a weather commentator. He is currently the chairman of corporation Blue Sky. His career is as follows: chairman of the Korea Meteorological Association, director of the Climate Management Center at Seoul National University of Science and Technology and executive director of the World Meteorological Organization. He has also written many meteorological books, including “Climate change more than what is seen”. He is currently one of the core member of Smartree and plays active role in making social contributions.


Gianluca Massini Rosati


Serial Entrepreneur, bestselling author, and business angel specialized in taxes, data entry and company accounts. He has more than 20 companies in 5 countries, employing over 150 staff. He founded one of the big five accountancy firms in Italy and counting more than 10,000 active clients in the last two years. He is Founder at Xriba & Soluzione Tasse


Jason Jang


Jason is a graduate of the University of Michigan, USA. He currently plays the most prominent role in the block chain industry and is currently an accountant with the Global Block Chain Foundation, Tblock, Korea Crypto Exchange and PayX CIO. He is leading the way to bring smartree to the world.


Emmanuel Adams


He is Africa's #1 Entrepreneurship coach, Author, Mentor, renowned conference speaker, Fintech & Business consultant. He is currently, Co-Convener of the African Blockchain Conference, Host Chapter director of Startup Grind Nnewi, Co Founder at Pyramids Gates Blockchain consulting. Also, Former & Founding Vice Chancellor African Youths Leadership Institute, CEO Ace Radio Africa, Chairman Ace Media Group, CEO at MegaTouch Exq. Consults, Author of “Entrepreneurship 101”.


Chris Gale


Chris Gale is the Co Founder of Verasity, a disruptive video delivery platform built on trust and transparency using Blockchain.  Chris has 15 years experience in the digital media and advertising sector and started his career at Eurosport. He later went on to found Odyssey Mobile, a leading mobile advertising platform which successfully exited in 2014. After that, Chris co found an online video platform called Level Up, which provided video streaming technology to publishers and used by over 20 million users.


Choi Jin Young


He served twice as the mayor of the city of Namwon South Korea, and later served as the CEO of Woorim Holdings Co ltd and advisor to the Korea Asset Trust foundation.  He served as chairman of the “World Franchise Congress” and the organizing committee for the “World Hub Industrial Expo” and is currently a special advisor at the University of Vietnam. He is currently the chairman of Bitbank, Eastnine and VisionGroup and is the Korean representative of Diconomy Lab.He is also the head of Korea for the Eurasia Block Chain Association and has a worldwide network of Blockchain.


Juan Imaz


Successful serial entrepreneur with 3 exits that valued over $110M in the online business field. Blockchain and Ethereum enthusiast. Expert in newcomers, business models, and growing projects. He had a special career in 1996 in Korea, what he created Daum with Lee Jae-woong.


Jaeyoung Kwon


He is a Professional business man and his major business part is Startup consulting, Investor linkage, A startup contest, A business fair , Startup education, A venture camp, China Labor Law Management, Employment and personnel management planning


Lee Sang Wook


Lee Sang-wook is currently the CEO of Pindley and serves as the director of Future Investment and the president of the G20 Summit. He is actively engaged in activities in sympathy with the spirits and vision of smartree.


Lydia van der Schagt


Lydia is a mergers & acquisitions, corporate finance and corporate governance professional with a strong legal background. She obtained four law degrees and qualifications in the PRC, the Netherlands and the U.K. and has gained over 10 years of experience with international financial institutions and Hong Kong listed companies. Lydia has been a blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast since 2013 with solid knowledge of crypto-related laws and regulations evolving in different jurisdictions.

Meet Ambassador Group


Shawn Mims


shawn is a multi-platinum music artist. The single, "This is why I'm so hot," released in 2007, was the # 1 on the Billboard chart for two weeks. He is currently actively engaged in the promotion of Smartree as US ambassador.


Eugene Park


Eugene Park is a violin prodigy who graduated from Juilliard School in the U.S. He is working as a smartree ambassador to deliver hope through music to people around the world.


Keilla Castro


Keilla is the head of model agency and works as model in Brazil and worldwide. She worked with Unibanco Bank and works as a private investor. She has interests in charity and donation and has many followers on SNS, planning to something good with them.


Atien Onyango


Atien is currently working as a global model. She wants to help poor people and is very interested in charity and donations. She is acting as a smartree ambassador, sincerely hoping that many people will be happy.

Meet the technical team


Yong uk Jeon


He has 25+ years IT industry career. He is CEO and CTO of Healthcarenavi company for Blockchain platform building. He was engaged as IoT solution development's CTO.He was System Administrator of SMC(=Samsung Medical Center) Samsung Cheil IT team.


Maarten Sweemer


With a background in IT and human technology interaction, Maarten bridges the traditional gap between users,business and technology and loves innovating business processes using the latest technologies.


John Rankin


Video publishing and advertising entrepreneur. John founded and built a global video advertising business with multinational entertainment company Outfit 7, creators of hit mobile app Talking Tom which received 7 billion downloads

Meet the marketing team


Lucy Cha


Lucy had studied in both English and French in Montreal, Canada. Worked for major music labels and broadcasting stations such as EMI, M-net,Qwiny, Arirang TV etc for many years as a translator and MC


Mina Jeong


Co-author of ‘Blockchain to Master in One Night’ / Vice Chairman of Korea Public Relations Consultancy Association / Speaker at Women on the Block in New York, USA (May 2018)


Monika Rofler


Monika is an international fashion model and actress. She featured in magazines including Vogue and Elle. She is active in the Blockchain community, as founder of KCS and also hosts a blog about cryptocurrencies.


Clarissa Saccenti


Clarissa obtained Masters in law in University of Florence. She is the COO of XRIBA, a blockchain company bringing transparency and accountability to cryptocurrency and traditional businesses.


Ghuman Ravneet Kaur


Ravneet is an Inbound Marketing Strategist, advising ICOs in growing personal and human-to-human network using the latest marketing strategies. She knows what truly drives conversions, business growth and thought leadership.

Meet advisor Group


Hiury Gutemberg


Hiury graduated in law and business administration and has led several projects and factories in Brazil, USA and China. He started his career as investment banker until starting his own enterprises.


Victor Schubert


Victor is an young entrepreneur based in Hong Kong and involved in a diversity of ventures across Asia. Formerly educated in economics and finance, he is currently leading trading desks specializing in event-driven global cryptocurrency arbitrage


Nam Sik Lee


Dr Lee is the presidents of the Global Futures Studies Association, JeonJu University and Kaywon University of Art & Design. His strong personal networks provide valuable breakthroughs during the ICO process.


Marco Ferreira


Marco has 19 years of experience in the finance industry which began in Guernsey and has played pivotal roles in establishing fund administration office South Africa and Hongkong. Marco joined the fintech industry in 2017 and has gained extensive exposure to cryptocurrency exchange


Javier Camara


CEO at beBee. PHD from DU. Ex Oracle. Expert in software engineering, complex platforms building and managing teams and technical resources. Entrepreneur with solid background in technology, complex-project management and blockchain enthusiast


Min Sik Park


He had worked for National Assembly Adviser ,a member of the welfare National Society (Industrial Policy Director), Committee on the Assessment of Knowledge Economy Innovation.


Joanna Pawluk


Joanna Pawluk is the CEO and co-founder of Orion Vault AG (https://orionvault.com), which is bringing the art & blockchain world together. She is an entrepreneur, bringing business from ground zero through early stage funding to global operations, a blockchain & cryptocurrencies expert, and pro at building partnerships across the globe. Award winner and frequent speaker at conferences in the UK, USA and Asia.


Seong Rok So


Seong Rok is a lawyer with double major of business administration and law and YonSei University. He has a patent certificate and has a keen interest in the blockchain industry. He works as CLO for Smartree and gives legal advice.


Hong Sang Jin


Experienced entrepreneur and investor. Co-founder and CEO of Chain Cabinet (a blockchain startup platform). Partner at Kstartup (a startup accelerator based in Korea). Former product manager at Microsoft. He is a famous technical advisor of many global ICO project.


Gyeong Chang Kwak


Mr. Kwak has seven years of experience at a financial company and has run his own business for 10 years. In 2016, he became interested in the Block chain and began crypto currency mining and trading..


Ju Pil Jeong


He was a former member of Samsung Electronics management innovation team and later moved to the 4th Industrial Revolution Research Institute, director of global translation for a corporation, director of the Korea Translator Association, and CEO of Blockchain Today.


Andrew Andrieiev


Andrew is blockchain strategist and ICO specialist. He assists in business development, funding, public relations and entering new prospective markets. His career choice stems from his innate passion for negotiations.


Young Mook Kim


He is a professional broadcaster who has worked for KBS for more than 30 years. He will be the CEO of Blockchain Today Broadcasting Company (BTBC)


Jason Lee


- 2008 Bottega Veneta Korea / Regional President- 2000 Gucci Group Korea / Chief Operation Officer- 1998 Salvatore Ferragamo Korea / Retail Operation Director


Lee Deok Jae


He is from Samsung Group and currently serves as Vice Chairman of Nami Group and Coinbi International Exchange. At the same time, he is a director of eco smart global and actively participates in marketing and promotion of smartree.


Chang Keun Lee


Kevin CK Lee has more than 20 years of experience in developing and marketing mainly in IT industries from multimedia to cryptocurrencies. He is currently the co-CEO of Keypair. He provides various help to Smartree as advisor.


Ji Seung Ko


Ji Seung is the founding member of SK Telecom and was the CEO of Dasan Telecom. He started his business in Canada and USA and has worked in South Korea as marketing strategy expert for 15 years.

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